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The PicoSure Pro laser is revolutionizing the way medical and cosmetic laser treatments are performed. Utilizing picosecond pulse technology, the PicoSure Pro laser delivers ultra-short pulses of energy to targeted areas in an instant - making the PicoSure Pro laser more effective and safer than other existing laser technologies. 


PicoSure Pro lasers is the only FDA-Approved laser treatment for Melasma, Hori's Nevus, and Nevus of Ota. PicoSure Pro is used to treat skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation correction, acne scarring, wrinkles and fine lines, producing amazing results by breaking down pigment into microscopic particles that get eliminated naturally through the body’s immune system. 


PicoSure Pro is an advanced laser skin treatment system that provides clients with almost immediate skin rejuvenation. The PicoSure Pro laser was designed to minimize treatment times and reduce discomfort with fewer side effects, making it a popular choice among those seeking significantly improved results with no downtime. Because every client has unique skin needs, developing a personalized PicoSure Pro laser skin treatment plan is a must.

PicoSure Pro laser skin treatments allow us to help restore your youthful glow, no matter where on the body. PicoSure Pro laser treatments reduce wrinkles and sunspots scattered across the face, neck and hands from years of sun exposure - all while revitalizing skin tone on all areas treated!


Uneven Skin Tone & Texture  


PicoSure Pro laser is the perfect solution to achieving a flawless complexion! It targets and breaks down pigmented areas of skin, such as sun spots or age spots. But not only that - it also smooths rough patches for an even tone and texture. The end result? A natural radiance that leaves you glowing!


Brown spots and Hyperpigmentation


PicoSure Pro laser is a revolutionary treatment for those dealing with stubborn brown spots and hyperpigmentation. By delivering targeted energy to deeper layers of the skin, it helps break down excess pigment while giving your body's natural healing process an extra push to remove pigmented cells, resulting in improved complexion clarity.



PicoSure Pro laser treatments are uniquely tailored to each individual, helping correct skin concerns through a personalized approach. While results may vary person-to-person, producing the desired outcome may require more than one session with this groundbreaking technology.



1. What skin concerns can be treated with PicoSure Pro? 


PicoSure Pro provides a solution to many common skin challenges. It can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improve uneven texture caused by sun damage or pigmentation issues - all while providing fast, long-lasting results with little downtime.


2. Are PicoSure Pro treatments painful? 


PicoSure Pro treatments can offer a comfortable yet effective experience. Many patients report no discomfort during the procedure, while others may benefit from the use of numbing cream to further minimize any potential pain.


3. How long does a PicoSure Pro treatment take? 


PicoSure Pro treatments are quick and efficient, typically taking anywhere from a half hour to an hour depending on the size of the treatment area. Results will vary based on each individual's skin condition and desired outcome.


4. How many PicoSure Pro treatments are required to see results? 


Everyone’s skin care needs are unique, but generally 3-6 treatments spread out over several weeks is the best way to achieve maximum benefits.


5. What is the downtime after a PicoSure Pro treatment? 


PicoSure Pro treatments are fast and convenient, allowing you to get back on with your day quickly. Though mild redness or swelling may occur for a few hours after the treatment - which is completely normal - it's essential that areas treated be protected from sun exposure in order to ensure maximum results. So don't forget your sunscreen!


6. Are there any risks or side effects of the PicoSure Pro laser? 


PicoSure Pro treatments offer great results with low risk of side effects, such as mild redness or bruising that usually subside quickly. The Skin Chic team will discuss potential risks before treatment to ensure the best experience possible.


7. Is PicoSure Pro safe for all skin types? 


PicoSure Pro is the perfect choice for people of all skin types. No matter your individual concerns, The Skin Chic in Virginia Beach can help you determine if this cutting-edge treatment option will deliver beautiful results.

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